My First Vlog!

Omg omg omg! I finally did it, I uploaded that sucker!

As you may know, I had a friendly Olympic Weightlifting competition back in March. I had planned to post this vlog shortly after but my computer kept crashing, shutting down and doing a whole bunch of not-so-fun stuff. But I finally was able to complete and upload it..with A LOT more swear words added to my vocabulary. Oh my gahh, I’m so excited! (Too bad my laptop wasn’t nearly as thrilled).

Although it’s old news in a way, I still feel that this video is quite current since it reflects how I feel and where I’m going. I hope you guys enjoy watching it and please feel free to write your video suggestions and comments below. I plan on filming more of these, as well as some quirky stuff and maybe some tutorials. Stay tuned!



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