Grocery Haul – Tips For Lunches That Don’t Suck!

This week is a little insane and kind of a big deal because…I’m competing in my first Powerlifting meet on Saturday!

I’m not cutting weight for my first PL comp (because I don’t want to add any extra stress if I don’t need to) BUT that doesn’t mean I’m going to go crazy with my food choices. Nope! I think it’s especially important to stay on track this week to reduce anxiety and jitters, and to be in the best shape possible come Saturday morning.

And for me, staying on track means packing my usual lunches and not reaching for junk food every time I get stressed. Since that’s easier said than done, I make sure to pack lunches that don’t suck and that will keep me on track 🙂 All the info on how I do that is in the video, of course!

I know I said this was going to be a “quick video” but honestly that was just me saying it’s a simple yet effective one…because I got carried away and it’s not actually short. Ha, typical me!

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