What I'm About

My name is Valérie Deslauriers, amateur Olympic weightlifter and part-time CrossFitter. I’m a French-Canadian, living in the Ottawa region – in case that means anything to you. Although I do have an awesome day job, my dream is to one day work in something related to my passion for lifting and food. And by that I mean eat all the food and lift all the the things. Oh and look really good doing it!

In the meantime, this blog is where I share my weekly Internet finds on various training-related subjects, as well as my own experiences and sometimes even recipes – either my own or the ones I’ve tried from the pros. I’m far from being a championship-winning athlete (yet!) but I think that’s an even better reason to tell you about my life. No one is perfect but we’re all in this together, learning with every step forward.


Mission Statement

My goal is to hopefully inspire, inform but also motivate the crap out of you and make you laugh as much as possible because, let’s face it, life is too short to lift with a frown!

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